3 Week RYA/MCA Day Skipper

No Previous Experience required

Our 3 Week Day Skipper Course is designed to take you from the beginning at Competent Crew, with No Sailing Experience, to an Accomplished Skipper holding your RYA / MCA Day Skipper Sail Certificate and also includes your RYA Radio & RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance Courses.

The RYA /MCA Day Skipper Certificate with RYA SRC VHF Radio is the Minimum Required to Bareboat Charter Internationally.

To Skipper a Yacht in South African Waters you will need to hold your SAS Day Skipper Certificate which we can assist you in gaining.

This course results in the

RYA/MCA Day Skipper Course Completion Certificate Valid for use as Skipper of a Yacht during Daylight Hours

In Category 5 Waters (20 Nautical Miles ) from Home Port

You will receive the following Certificates and
These are Included in the Course fees:

Working in The Yachting Industry

If you are looking at Yachting as a Career, then you should do the consider the 8 week RYA Yachtmaster Coastal Career Course & if you add the Super Yacht Deckhand module, the 8 week RYA Yachtmaster Coastal becomes the 9 week Super Yacht Deckhand Course.
Otherwise, the 5 week Super Yacht Gap Year course is also an option to work overseas.
The difference between the 5 week Super Yacht & RYA Gap Year Course and the 9 week Super Yacht Deckhand Course (8 week RYA Yachtmaster Coastal Course with Super Yacht Deckhand module), is a further 4 weeks of RYA Theory and Practical Sail Training taking you from RYA Day Skipper level of sailing reached in the Gap Year Course, to RYA Yachtmaster Coastal level of sailing.

Our Instructors will ensure that are trained not just to pass your Day Skipper, but that you will become the best Skipper that you can be!

Most of all we will endeavor to ensure that you have an excellent, fun and safe sailing experience!

You will receive Theoretical and Practical Training in

  • Boat handling under sail and power
  • Navigation
  • use of Chartplotters and GPS for Navigation
  • use of Radar, MARPA and AIS for Collision Avoidance
  • use of Radar for Navigation
  • the application of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea
  • Long Range Radio and Satellite Communications
  • Passage Planning

You also receive valuable Exposure to:

  • Advanced Yacht Care
  • Engine Protection
  • Propellers and Shafts
  • Electrical & Plumbing for Yachts
  • Ropes, Rope-work
  • Rigging
  • Sails and Care of Sails
  • Spinnakers & use of Full Suit of Sails

Course Dates

09 May 2016 - (20% Discount - Total Course fees R21 250)
30 May 2016 - (20% Discount - Total Course fees R21 250)
04 July 2016 - (20% Discount - Total Course fees R21 250)
8 August 2016 - (20% Discount - Total Course fees R21 250)
12 September 2016 - (20% Discount - Total Course fees R21 250)
17 October 2016
21 November 2016
26 December 2016

Should the above dates not suit you, please contact us so we can try to accommodate you in a more convenient time frame.

Course Fees:

The 3 Week Day Skipper Course fee including Radio & Diesel Courses is:
R 25 500 - Total Course Fees incl VAT (Payable to Yachtmaster Sailing School)

Included in the Course fees is:

  • All your training and Certificates as listed above including RYA SRC Radio and Diesel
  • Your Personal RYA Logbook and RYA Theory packs
  • Use of RYA Reference Books and navigation equipment.
  • During the 2 Practical Live-aboard Weeks on the Yachts, your Food, Accommodation & use of Wet Weather Gear is included

Excluded & Extra Over the above fees:

  • RYA Fees are payable direct to RYA
    • £   60     GBP    RYA fees for SRC Radio Certificate
  • Accommodation in Cape Town
    During the 1 Theory Weeks, 10 Nights Accommodation On-shore is required in Cape Town.
    We can arrange a Backpacker at about R250 per night
    Food and Transport is not included

Terms and Conditions apply.   We reserve the right to change course content, dates and prices.

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Terms and Conditions apply. We reserve the right to change course content, dates and prices.

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