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Our School

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Our Students

Welcome to

Yachtmaster Sailing School

Cape Town


~ Excellence in Sail Training ~


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YMOSS Governors Cup

Yachtmaster Sailing School is proud to announce that we will be joining

the Governor's Cup Race to St Helena this year!


All our November 18 Week RYA Yachtmaster Ocean

& 15 Week RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Students

can JOIN the Race at NO EXTRA COST!

RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Qualifying Passage

In the past various South African coastal passages have been accepted as fulfilling the requirements for this passage.
The RYA now will only accept an ocean passage of at least 600 nm.
This leaves a passage to St Helena as almost the only option.

To accommodate this we have now Included the St Helena Trip into our 18 Week RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Career Course at No Extra Cost!

Contact us on +27 21 788 1009 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to join the 18 Week RYA Yachtmaster Course or for just the St Helena Trip.

We will sail from Cape Town along the coast calling at Saldanha Bay, Lambert's Bay and Port Nolloth on the Northern Cape Coast and then Luderitzbucht and Walvis Bay in Namibia.
Depending on weather conditions we may be able to explore the coast taking in places like the giant rock arch at Bogenfels and the islands like Possession.
Sometimes fog is encountered which can test your navigation.

You will have the opportunity to act as Skipper on some of these coastal passages and develop your pilotage skills by conning the vessel into these remote bays and harbours.

The route is through some of the richest fishing waters on the planet and the sea life is awesome.

Seals beyond counting, dolphins, whales and myriad of sea-birds.



B0FY-qsCQAAw4BC.jpg large seagull-in-the-sun2 gannet


1.1262883608.1 flying-fish

From Walvis Bay there is a 1000nm reach across to St Helena and for this passage we will navigate by sextant only
using ancient skills developed by the great mathematicians and astronomers of history.
Tuna and swordfish can be encountered and as we move north the water warms and flying fish skim across the
surface to escape.

Then perhaps in the dawn you may see a Tropic Bird which indicates land is not far.
This is when we find out whether our Celestial Navigation is right or not?

The Island of St Helena is one of the most remote Islands in the World.

1280px-Saint Helena Island


From the time of it's discovery in 1505 by the Portuguese Explorers until now it has only been accessible by sea, but this will come to an end when the Airport is finally completed in 2016.


For the moment its isolation is intact and you will have the privilege of exploring this fascinating and strange Island before it changes forever.
It is a volcanic seamount on the Mid Atlantic Ridge with dark and forbidding sea cliffs rising straight out of the sea. Approaching from the South East a landing seems impossible until suddenly Jamestown appears, nestled in its narrow valley.


The anchorage is on the North West coast off Jamestown and landing can be exciting. Far distant hurricanes can send their swells hurrying from the north to make a landing impossible.
Usually the anchorage is safe and sheltered from the South East Trades but your vessel must be securely anchored lest it disappears over the northern horizon while you enjoy a pint at Anne's Place.


First Sight Jacobs Ladder Town


" . . .enjoy a pint at Anne's Place."


After a few days rest we will set out on the return leg to Saldanha Bay.
This is a challenge and considerable planning and studying of GRIB files is needed to decide the route to be followed. Usually this is a port tack down south until the wind backs allowing us to arc round towards the Cape. Far to the South West the islands of Tristan da Cunha are the nearest land and we are truly on our own on the deep blue sea.
Sometimes one encounters a ship but mostly the sky forms an unbroken blue bowl overhead and the horizon is empty except for the birds.


Our trusty Navigators will bring us safely home across this vast expanse and we may see the Light at Cape Colombine welcoming us to Saldanha after two weeks at sea.
There we will relax and replay the trip in our minds before preparing for our Yachtmaster Offshore Exam.



    Our Promise
    Is to Provide You with Excellence in Sail Training

    Our Mission
    To make good this Promise, we Undertake

    to give You First Class Instruction

    by using Only Properly Qualified and Well Informed Instructors
    by using Only Well Designed and Fully Equipped Sail Training Vessels
    by sharing our Knowledge, Skill and Expertise gained by Hard Experience

    to keep You Safe

    by Applying our Safety Policy at All Times
    by the Vigilance and Care of our Instructors
    by Keeping our Vessels in a Sound Seaworthy Condition

    to treat You as our Guest

    by behaving with Courtesy and Respect
    by teaching with Patience and Understanding
    by dealing with You with Fairness and Transparency


    You will receive help and advice in selecting the Right Course for You.

    This is our Promise to you to help you to Achieve Your Goals


Yachtmaster Sailing School is Proud to Be Associated with -

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