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Our School

The Royal Cape Yacht Club

Our Fleet

Our 2 training yachts

Our Instructors

Instructors on the 34 South

Our Students

Our Students

RYA Logo

Welcome to

Yachtmaster Sailing School

Cape Town

South African Sailing Logo

 Our Promise
 Is to Provide You with Excellence in Sail Training

 Our Mission
 To make good this Promise, we Undertake

 to give You First Class Instruction

 by using Only Properly Qualified and Well Informed Instructors
 by using Only Well Designed and Fully Equipped Sail Training Vessels
 by sharing our Knowledge, Skill and Expertise gained by Hard Experience

  to keep You Safe

 by Applying our Safety Policy at All Times
 by the Vigilance and Care of our Instructors
 by Keeping our Vessels in a Sound Seaworthy Condition

 to treat You as our Guest

 by behaving with Courtesy and Respect
 by teaching with Patience and Understanding
 by dealing with You with Fairness and Transparency


  You will receive help and advice in selecting the Right Course for You.

  This is our Promise to you to help you to Achieve Your Goals






Yachtmaster Sailing School is Proud to Be Associated with -

new nsri logo - highresMCASAMSA




Our Highlights


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